HoneyDabber II™ Save The Bees Edition

HoneyDabber II™ Save The Bees Edition


The Limited Edition 2019 Save The Bees Edition HoneyDabber II


We must all do our part to save the bees! That why we have decided to release this Save The Bees Limited Edition HoneyDabber II and have vowed to donate 10% of each one sold here on our website to local apiarists so that they can continue to take care of hives and build new ones!!


Please read and understand warranty and order information that can be found on our FAQ page prior to ordering.

  • Made with Genuine Brass

    Here at Honey Labs, we strive to make the highest quality products while making the commitment to never cut corners. We are craftsmen at heart and that is why we do what we do.

    So, when we updated our HoneyDabber II with a hint of brass we did it the way an honest craftsman would. Paying homage to an age old tradition of craftsmanship blending natural wood grain with brass, we made it with 100% genuine brass rather than brass plating a different cheaper metal. 

    Genuine brass, unlike Brass plating, will naturally tarnish as it ages. With regular use and handling, the brass itself is exposed to the oxygen in the air, and oxidation occurs which results in a tarnish or patina on the surface of the brass that keeps it from looking clean and bright. While to some individuals have the opinion that oxidized brass doesn't always look as nice as brass in its original state, the oxidation process allows the brass to create a protective coating or patina on its exterior to prevent further corrosion or damage.

    This can be cleaned or removed with a natural solution that you can make at home. DO NOT USE ANY BRASS CLEANING CHEMICALS.

    Make a natural brass cleaner by squeezing the juice from half a lemon into a bowl, and add about a teaspoon of baking soda and stir until mixed. Apply the paste with a soft cloth to the oxidized brass. Once you've worked the paste into the brass, wipe thoroughly with a damp cloth to remove all of the mixture and then immediately dry it thoroughly with a clean towel to avoid additional damage from water exposure.